Become a Coach

Become a Coach

Our athletes need individuals  who are passionate about acceptance and inclusion of all people.  Whether you love sports or have no sports experience at all, if you want to help individuals with intellectual disabilities grow and develop in their self-determination and athleticism, then become a coach.   You will make a difference.

Please visit Certification and Training to learn about becoming a coach.  For questions, email or call 801-363-1111.

Our Coaches ARE THE BEST!

Coaches play a unique and indispensable role in Special Olympics around the world.   As a coach, you provide the sports skills and spirit that help define a true athlete.   Coaches are role models of sportsmanship and good character, key to a successful sports experience for Special Olympics Utah’s athletes. You help athletes develop their potential, ability and self-worth both on and off the field.

The enthusiasm, commitment and positive attitude that you bring to each practice, event and competition has a lasting effect on the athletes you coach.  Your confidence and passion for showing them how to build upon their strengths and improve every day helps athletes become more productive and respected members of their community.  With your help, and through the power of sport, Special Olympics Utah athletes learn about teamwork, friendship, goals and self-discipline–skills and lessons that serve them through their lives.


For current coaches and heads of delegation:  find accreditation, financial, purchasing, housing and uniforms information and forms on the Delegation Forms and Resources page.  To register athletes for upcoming events or access athlete and Unified Partner medical and consent forms, visit the Athlete Registration page.