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2020 Insurance Certificate

Delegation Operation Manual 2018

Delegation Requirements

Each Head of Delegation (or representative) for an existing delegation will submit a Delegation Accreditation Form and a Delegation Budget Request annually on or before October 1 (or the next business day should October 1 fall on a weekend). These documents may be submitted on an ongoing basis for new delegations. Special Olympics Utah (SOUT) staff members will review the documents and pass them along with recommendations to the Board of Directors. Delegations will be notified regarding the approval of their accreditation and annual budget following review.

Annual Accreditation

Delegation Budget Request

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Fundraising and Finance

The information and forms listed below are intended to assist the Head of Delegation (or representative) in navigating the Special Olympics Utah financial policies and procedures.

Delegation Purchase Request: serves to notify SOUT of any upcoming expenses to be incurred by a delegation. All purchases must be pre-approved (even if listed on an approved budget) and this form should be completed 45 days prior to the purchase. Form must be completed for ALL expenditures (including those listed on an approved budget).

Delegation Request for Payment: utilized as a purchase order and reimbursement request. Must be completed 30 days prior to the expected payment due date or within 60 days of the purchase (for reimbursements). An approved Delegation Purchase Request and any relevant receipts must accompany this form. All reimbursements for a given calendar year must be submitted by December 31.

Delegation Fundraising and Outreach Activity Report: utilized to accurately capture each delegation’s participation to ensure the delegation retains their annual accreditation. Each delegation with an approved budget is required to complete a minimum of four (4) fundraising or outreach activities per year. The Head of Delegation (or representative) should complete this form within 30 days following the activity.

In-Kind Donation Form: utilized to record in-kind contributions to Special Olympics Utah solicited by SOUT staff members, delegations, LETR representatives and other volunteers. In-kind contributions are non-cash donations such as training or competition venues, meals, equipment, uniforms, transportation, etc. An in-kind donation must be able to be assigned a cash value.

Team Fundraising Event Request: an application to conduct a fundraising event on behalf of SOUT. All fundraising events must be approved annually. Requests should be made 30 days prior to the event.

Third Party Event Application: Third party events and/or programs are implemented by outside organizations for the benefit of SOUT, with minimal or no assistance from SOUT. This application should be used when your delegation seeks to partner with a third party to raise funds or awareness for SOUT and should be submitted 30 days prior to the event. For more information on third party fundraising, please click here.


Housing Policy

Recreational Swimming Policy


Due to the new branding guidelines set forth by Special Olympics Inc. each delegation will need to update their team marks & logos. Please review the information below and complete the form to begin the process of updating this information.

Delegation Uniform Logo Detail Form

Uniforms may be ordered through approved vendors only. All team uniforms must meet minimum standards for SOUT & Delegation Name logo usage. More information can be found below.

Basketball Uniform Order Form – Jersey Style
Polo Shirt Order Form
Soccer Uniform Order Form
Softball Uniform Order Form
T-shirt Order Form