Sports and Competition

Developing skills, building self-esteem and having fun, all while participating in year-round sports training and competition is the life of a Special Olympics Utah athlete. Whatever their skill level, with 8 sports to choose from (plus the Motor Activities Training Program, MATP), Special Olympics Utah has something for every person with an intellectual disability.

Special Olympics Utah and the Board of Directors reviews the competitive calendar on an annual basis and it does occasionally change from year to year. Please see the 2017 Program Updates and Calendar Announcement here .

Special Olympics Utah conducts two state-level competitions that are open to all delegations throughout the year, with area competitions leading up to both. The Fall Sports Classic and Summer Games seasons allow athletes (and partners) from around the state the opportunity to compete against others, challenging their abilities and creating lasting friendships.





Regional Bowling Invitational

Sports offered at Summer Games:

  • Track and Field (Athletics)
  • Swim
  • Softball and Unified Sports Softball
  • MATP (Motor Activities Training Program)

Sports offered at Regional Bowling Invitational:

  • Singles – Singles, Singles Developmental, Singles Ramp Unassisted or Assisted
  • Doubles – Traditional and Unified
  • Teams – Traditional and Unified

Sports offered at Fall Sports Classic:

  • Soccer and Unified Sports Soccer
  • 3ve Basketball and Basketball Skills
  • Bocce
  • Golf
  • MATP (Motor Activities Training Program)

In order for an individual to become an athlete for Special Olympics Utah, they must complete the following forms:

In order to become a Unified Sports partner, please visit the Become a Unified Sports Partner page and fill out the application, background waiver (if over 18) and concussion policy form.

Special Olympics Utah offers athletic competition in 7 sports plus the Motor Activities Training Program in 7 geographical areas around the state. Each area has an Area Manager responsible for that area.