UHSAA Unified Sports

UHSAA Unified Sports

In 2012, as part of an effort to reach school-aged athletes, Special Olympics Utah formed a partnership with the UHSAA to bring Unified Sports® to Utah’s high schools to provide member schools the opportunity to participate in interscholastic co-ed Unified Sports Soccer and Track & Field. The Special Olympics Unified Sports Program/UHSAA Unified Sports Program operates throughout the school year and closely follows the school calendar.


UHSAA’s mission stresses educational and cultural values, improving participation in sports and fine arts, promoting life skills and teaching lessons through competitive activities where students can learn to have mutual respect and good sportsmanship. Special Olympics Utah and the UHSAA plan to continue making these opportunities available for all students.

Unified Soccer

Unified Track & Field

SOUT/UHSAA Unified Sports Handbook

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For more information on how to get involved, contact our Youth & Sports Partnerships Program at 801.363.1111 or information@sout.org