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Be A Part of the Change; Bowling Games Organizing Committee

Be a part of the Change

Volunteer on the Bowling Games Organizing Committee for Special Olympics Utah

Special Olympics Utah is looking for dedicated volunteers to sit on the Bowling Games Organizing Committee (GOC) for the 2021 season! This position will ask for your participation on a weekly call with GOC members leading up to the State games on Saturday, June 21st.

As a Games Organizing Committee member, you will take an active role in making sure the State Games are a fun and smooth experience for all involved. Leading up to the State competition you will be involved in area games, allowing you to get familiar with the experience and how competitions are run.

For the State level competition, there are many aspects that we will be needing your help with; recruiting volunteers, award ceremony, athlete and spectator experience. We are so excited to bring our athletes to return to activity and really want this to be an experience, and a competition they will never forget! Join us in helping change lives for the better.

To get involved, contact Yolanda at