May 16, 2019 all-day

JUAB COUNTY LETR Event Route/Agenda:

Eureka 8:00 am:

May 16th at 7:45 am we will be meeting at the Tintic School District Office parking lot (545 East Main St., Eureka, UT 84628). The run will start at 8:00 am, we will run West through the parking lot of the high school and come out onto Main St at the far West entrance into the high school parking lot. We will then continue West down Main St. to Eureka elementary, we will enter the parking lot at the elementary school on the East entrance (near the old school) and run through the parking lot. We will end the run in the parking lot where we can take a few pictures then head back to the East side. This is approximately  .5 miles.

Rocky Ridge 9:00 am: ( about 40-minute drive from Eureka to Rocky Ridge)

We will head straight to Rocky Ridge from Eureka. We plan on starting around 9:00 am (Or when we get there). Meet at the North Parking lot of the church, we will run South on past the church and turn East into the city park’s parking lot. We will end in the parking lot take a few pictures and head to Mona. Sorry, I am unsure of the address of the church. It’s on the corner of North Ridge Road and East Ridge Road.

Mona 9:45 am:

Meet at Mona City Office at 9:45 (20 W Center St, Mona, UT 84645). We will run South on Main St, to 100 S Main. Turn East and run to 200 E, we will then run South to Mona Elementary (260 E 200 S, Mona, Ut, 84645). Out in front of the school is a horseshoe where the bus drop off is. We will run around the horseshoe (go in on the East entrance and end in the West parking lot. (.4 miles)

Nephi 10:45 am:

Due to the high school having other things going on, we will be starting around 10:45. Meet at the Entrance to the high school ( 670 E 700 N, Nephi, Ut, 84648. We will run North through the parking lot/bus drop off. At the North end of the parking lot, we will turn and run West between the Junior High buildings. At the recreation center/6th grade center we will turn south to the parking lot, then go West to 400 E. We will turn South on 400 E and run to 200 N were we will turn West and run past Nebo View Elementary. We will then turn South on 200 E and run to 100 S past Athenian eAcademy. At 100 S we will turn West to main st, then turn South and run to 1300 S past Red Cliffs Elementary. (2.7 miles)

The run will end at 1300 S were we will load into vehicles and meet at the sheriff’s office for lunch.

Everyone is welcome to run in each area but is not required. Please feel free to come and go as you please. Most of the schools are going to have the special needs students run/walk with us and carry the torch. I would like us all to walk/jog in front of schools so the kids can stay with us and we can get pictures, as well as, those that would like to walk this is a great area for that. I would also like to ask that we all try to stay close (within a block of each other) that way we can make sure everyone who would like to carry the torch can do so.