2019 Bowling Invitationals

Special Olympics Utah was excited to host Regional Bowling Invitationals in summer 2019.  Competition will be held in the following formats:

  • Singles (Baker System Format)
    • Singles
    • Singles Developmental (avg score 60 or below)
    • Singles Ramp Unassisted
    • Singles Ramp Assisted
  • Doubles – Traditional & Unified (Baker System Format)
  • Teams -Traditional & Unified (Baker System Format)

This is not a state event and there will not be any area events leading up to the invitational. Athletes will not complete for awards based on score but will receive a participation ribbon.  Please submit registration for the event the athlete will be participating in. Athletes may only participate in one event. For example, an athlete can not participate in Singles and a Team event. Delegations and athletes can only register for one  Bowling Invitational.

Area Invitationals Locations

  • Northeast Area Invitational – July 13th | scores to be turned into your area manager (Frank) by July 3rd
  • Metro, Central & North Combined Invitational: August 3rd @ Bonwood Bowl | scores to be turned in by July 29th
  • South Area Invitational: August 3rd @ Sunset West Bowling | scores to be turned in by July 29th
  • Southeast Area Invitational: TBA (you are welcome to join the South Area Invitational)
  • Questions? Please reach out the Nathan at badell@sout.org

Delegation Resources

SOUT Bowling Rules – Please make sure to review the rules and how Baker System format works. Coaches are responsible to know the rules for our Regional Bowling Invitational and how Baker System works. There is also important information about registration.

**Special Note: Because this is a one day event, Special Olympics Utah will not be providing housing. This is also participation event (invitational) and not an awarded (athletes will not receive awards/medals) event. Please ensure that you inform your athletes and Unified Partners.


To participate complete the following forms by following the links provided. 

If you have any question concerning registration, please contact Nathan Badell at badell@sout.org