Snowshoe Invitational

2018 Snowshoe Invitational

                                     February 24, 2018                                                        Mountain Dell Pavilion at Washington Park

Parleys Canyon. Exit 134 on I-80 East


Snowshoe invitational invites athletes who love the outdoors, even when it is cold, to participate in  the 10m assisted walk, 10m walk, 25m walk, 25m run, 50m walk, 50m run, 100m walk, 100m run.

This is not a state competition and is for participation only. There will not be any area events held for this sport.

Athletes can participate in either walk or run events. Not a combination of both.

  • We are asking  all athletes bring a water bottle to this competition. There will be water for them to refill their water bottle to stay hydrated. This is an effort to cut down on waste and become more GREEN!
Registration for Snowshoe Invitational is due February 2, 2018.

Delegation Resources

2018 Snowshoe Information Guide

Snowshoeing-Sports-Rules 2016

Questions concerning registration contact Alisa Graham at


To participate, complete the following registration forms by the following the link provided. 

Athlete Participation Registration Form

Coach Registration Form

Looking to volunteer?

Bailee Carlson, Volunteer Coordinator, at