Video Gaming Event

Special Olympics Utah is excited to offer a Video Gaming Event for Special Olympics Utah athletes.

Learn, Train and Compete on Rocket League.

Read more about the Video Gaming Event below.

Register by Monday, March 25!

Special Olympics Utah Video Gaming Event

in partnership with Microsoft, City Creek Store in Salt Lake City

What do you need to know?

One:         The competition video game will be Rocket League (also known as Car Soccer) on X-Box

Two:         Those interested in participating must be a Special Olympics Utah athlete, 8 years or older with all required paperwork to be a Special Olympics Utah athlete on file in the SO Utah office and be registered to participate in The Event by Monday March 25, 2019. 

Three:       Registered athletes can learn and practice in The Store.  Registered athletes need to come to The Store twice before by April 5 to compete against The Store computers to assess the athlete’s skill level to division for the Competition

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Is practicing in the Store the only option?    No.   If an athlete has access to an Xbox and the game Rocket League, they can practice at that location.   If an athlete does not have access to an Xbox and Rocket League, they are welcome to Learn and train in the Store.

What days can athletes learn and train in the Store?   There are set times for Only Registered Athletes of the Video Gaming Event.  These are Tuesday’s 10-Noon, Wednesdays 2-4 pm, and Thursdays, 5-7.   However, Xboxes are available to customers at all times in the Microsoft store and athletes are welcome just like any other customer to come and play a game.   Therefore Registered Athletes for the Video Gaming Event can go to the Microsoft Store at any time, but they have to wait their turn along with any other customer to use them.   The Microsoft is open10 am to 9 pm, Monday-Saturday.

Is there a fee to participate in the Video Gaming Event?   No, but any costs associated with training and competing such as travel costs, meal costs or other, are the athlete’s responsibility.   SO Utah provides the competition opportunity and The Store the ability to train on site.

Why does an athlete have to come to the Store twice to compete against the Store equipment to assess skill level to division for the competition?  This is the best means to get an assessment to division for the Competition.  If an athlete is off the Wasatch Front, an accommodation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is the date of the Competition?   Saturday, April 13, 2019, 9am to 1pm, in Salt Lake City.  The exact location will be provided at a future time.

Are there any other options to participate?   For those who cannot get to the Store or do not have access to Xbox and Rocket League video game, there will be a few Xboxes at the Competition where athletes can Learn and Practice Only; however, these athletes will not be able to competeTo Learn and Practice Only at the event, the athletes must still be registered for the Competition.   We will know a registered athlete is not competing at the event when we have no assessments of skill level by April 5.  In addition, athletes will be invited to come and cheer on their fellow athletes.

Questions:    Email   or call 801-363-1111.     Thank you.

Note:  A Special Olympics Utah athlete is an individual with an intellectual disability as determined by a medical professional with a medical form signed by the medical professional on file with Special Olympics Utah as of March 18, 2019 for the purposes of the Special Olympics Utah invitational video gaming competition.  At this time there will not be Unified pairs competitions; if requested it will be taken under advisement.