A life-long Impact of Inclusion with Unified Champion Schools

As I'm running errands preparing for this weekend, I ran into a childhood friend.

Meet Brianna!

Brianna has a hearing impairment and learning disability. She was in my 6th grade class part time. I loved learning new signs from her and playing 4 square at recess with her and a few other kids from the mild/moderate class. They didn't have many friends and were often bullied. I remember standing up for her after a kid spit a loogie on her forehead. I was timid, so it was a big deal for me to tell the bully off. Being her friend gave me confidence I didn't know I had. 

When I saw her today she didn't remember me or our interactions 16 years ago. She has no idea she had such a large impact on my life and my career. When I said we were friends in elementary school she said "I don't remember, but we can still be friends." We exchanged numbers and took this photo.

I was reminded today of how personal the UCS strategy is for me and how important it is for Unified Sports to be offered to every student. THIS is the IMPACT of INCLUSION!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participates in a Unified Sport, comes out to support or shares their joy from afar.


Courtnie, Unified Champion Schools Manager